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I Am All There Is

I take a deep breath

Followed by another,

My eyes closed

Waiting for the light

Within the darkness

To reveal itself.

The light does not always appear

Sometimes it is but a soft glow,

I chase the glow,

Like looking for shapes within clouds,

Waiting... Hoping... Wishing...

That The Way will be revealed.

I may not be ready to receive,

So, quietly, patiently, I sit in stillness

Breathing... Searching... Seeking...

The truth is within me,

That, I know is certain.

I find many times I want to know,

But do not have the time or patience to understand,

To truly seek the knowledge,

It is sad when being comfortable is acceptable,

Maybe that is why I am never satisfied?

This thing we call meditation

Is not about finding peace,

Cause peace is naturally in us.

It is about revealing the answers

to the questions you did not know to ask,

Using that new found knowledge

to better yourself in ways you did not know were possible.

In meditation

We open ourselves to the universe

Where all knowledge is exchanged

We then become enlightened

When that knowledge is bestowed upon us

And we are able to finally remember...

...I am all there is.


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