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Just Looking For My Imbalance

Is life about finding balance,

Or embracing the imbalance of life? - Love.

We may want to find balance in life,

But love is not a balanced state of being.

Being In Love takes your Life out of balance.

The more intense your passions and desires,

The greater the imbalance becomes.

It makes you re-evaluate everything.

It changes your priorities.

Questions who you are as a person.

It consumes you.

Where is the balance in that?

Why do we even need to balance anything?

Life is not balanced.

Why are we striving for balance then?

Our brain is left or right dominated,

Our physical bodies are not balanced,

Our heart is not in the center of the body,

That is their natural state.

So why are we striving for balance then?

When we should be

Embracing life's imbalances,

Accepting our body,

Feeling our emotions,

Letting go of our fears,

And letting love take care of the rest.

Don't rush to find balance,

For it will find you,

Not because you're ready or open to it.

No - It will find you when your least expected,

And you will think that it was meant to be

Because it is.

If you're feeling unbalanced,

You just may be In Love.


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John Pimentel
John Pimentel

Wrote this one sometime post, Costa Rica 2019. I got inspired after one of my regular yoga classes with my buddy Mat. As usual, it was a challenging class, focusing on balancing asanas. As I can recall he focused on the physical, later he talked about balances in life.

Of course, my mind wandered and I started wondering whether life is balanced or should it even be balanced. It's something we strive for, but is it ever achieved? This was the thought process that led to the poem.

picture of Sunset on Beach, Costa Rica, Sante Theresa, Nov-2019

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